In the world today. They are in turn a universal guilty pleasure that is supremely satisfying. Unfortunately, when it comes to healthy eating deep frying is not exactly the best cooking method particularly when done for business purposes. However, there are many ways on how to make your deep fried foods healthy while cooking at home. In this article, we will look at Healthy way to deep fry your fries.

5 Healthy way to deep fry your fries

Do it yourself

qsdwsdIf you want to eat healthy fries, avoid having to buy them on restaurants or cafes and do it on your own. This enables you to know the ingredient that goes into your food. You will also get to serve the right amount you will need.

Use correct temperature

Frying is a bit like any other cooking style, and the temperature needs to be right while cooking. If the temperature is too cool, the fries are likely to soak up some of the oil and is becomes very greasy. On the other hand, if it is too hot your oil can start to break down. However, the more saturated the fats in the oil are the more heat resistant they are.

Animal fat

Some of the animal fats are also a great choice for healthy deep frying. This includes fats such as tallow, lard, fat drippings, and ghee. They have a very distinctive taste, add some crispness and do not get destroyed easily when fried. Most of the fats are resistant to high temperature.

Choose your oil wisely

Some oils can withstand much higher temperatures than others. You might be tempted to use extra oils such as coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, peanut oil or palm oil. All these oils are among the healthy oils to cook any food. They are highly resistant to heat and have a very neural taste. With their low smoke point and very distinctive flavor, they are your best option.

Get the right equipment

qsddThe ideal home deep fryer allows the cooking oil to maintain a temperature that is consistent. It usually has a handheld or basket strainer with a handle that is nonmetal and a filter that preserves the remaining oil to be used in the future. If you have a good deep fryer, it is much easier to fry your fries than using other methods.

Are you are one of the people that often enjoy taking fries frying them yourself is the best way. There are several ways to fry them in a healthy manner so as to reduce health risks. The above pointers will be of great help to you in making healthy fries at home confidently.