Alternative Hernia Treatment: The Herniabible Program

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When you read the figures that about 30% of men experience lifelong pain after hernia surgery, you get pretty nervous. Why do doctors insist that this is not possible when it is? There are more and more case reports on the Internet of people whose hernia has been treated with surgery, including with theĀ hernia prevention belt for colostomy bag. This idea is not new; even in the 19th century, hernia treatments were considered insignificant before the days of surgery.

The Herniabible Program

The program that Brian found on the Internet is popularly known as the Herniabible app. It is quite simple and is based on eating the perfect foods, doing the right exercises, and keeping your stomach taut at all times. Some versions, though cheap and cheerful, have curved pads that press on the pit of your stomach and keep it open. You don’t need them, because the edges of that pit need to come together to heal. Also, some straps/slingbacks slip and don’t necessarily hold the hernia well. You need to use a hernia brace that has horizontal padding and makes sure the hernia stays in all the time (even when you’re biking or playing soccer).

Hernia Exercises

exerciseTo help heal a hernia without surgery, it is helpful to perform the right exercises. These exercises should target the right muscles, namely the core muscles, such as the transverse abdomenThe rowing machine is good for this purpose.

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